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Shunra Software Ltd is an industry leader in the WAN emulation and application performance engineering (APE) marketplace. As a company driven by a very technical product, they needed a way to leverage web technologies to more effectively communicate their company's message to the Fortune 2000. Previous efforts to create a high impact and information-driven website deployed with enterprise technology had failed to deliver. Shunra had several unique challenges they shared with Unleashed Technologies:

  • A need for an enterprise content management platform
  • An aggressive time table for deployment
  • Integration for "Best of Breed" systems was a must
  • A powerful and intuitive design required for message delivery
  • Adherence to web best practices and professional standards

Unleashed Technologies was tasked with delivering an enterprise deployment of on a very short timeline. Unleashed leveraged its expertise in content management, enterprise resource planning, and commercial web deployments to deliver the initial phase of deployment in 60 days. Since the deployment of the new web presence, has experienced a doubling of both direct and anonymous visitors and landing page conversion rates have increased 7x. 


An application performance engineering (APE) company committed to delivering applications with superior performance, it was essential that Shunra’s website performs highly no matter how its customers access it. In order to meet this requirement, Unleashed Technologies optimized the Shunra mobile site for high performance depending on the phone transfer rate and ensured that Shunra’s mobile site can automatically identify not only when a mobile device is used to access its content, but what that mobile device is and optimize content delivery accordingly. This capability is scalable as the optimization is not dependent on phone type, but instead detects browser type so that updates are not required as new phone hardware is continually released. In order to lower costs and resource requirements, Shunra needed its mobile site to be easily scalable and require little effort to populate or maintain.

Unleashed Technologies leveraged best practices in mobile development to enable Shunra’s team to easily identify content for use on its mobile site from the same Drupal CMS (content management system) page used for the standard website content. The team can choose to tweak the content for the mobile site, but if that isn’t done manually, the content from the webpage is automatically optimized for mobile, requiring no input from Shunra’s team at all. The Shunra mobile site today seamlessly delivers content to its customers with minimal resources required of the Shunra team.


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Thursday, October 27, 2011
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Unleashed Technologies, LLC found that a production deployment of Drupal was the answer for satisfying the current and future needs of Shunra Software Ltd. The deployment and recommendation of Drupal satisfied the needs of Shunra on multiple fronts. These fronts included:


A powerful and intuitive design was created that helped to deliver content in several different forms. These forms of content included white papers, case studies, streaming video, podcasts, blog posts, RSS feeds, and traditional online content. The design needed the flexibility to accommodate large amounts of information and pages while providing a very substantial impact to the visitor.

By utilizing an advanced and well thought out wireframed structure, Unleashed Technologies was able to create a design that allowed for dynamically adaptable content which provided a substantial impact to the visitor. Utilizing the wireframe structure, compositions were created to clearly help Shunra understand how content would be delivered throughout unique sections of the website. Content areas and information were data driven, allowing for a flexible tool that empowered a fast moving marketing team to change content areas with new "blocks" of information without degrading design elements.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Shunra had several systems, technologies, and information vessels that needed to be seamlessly accessed from the primary web presence. These systems included advanced form technologies for tracking, customer relationship systems, internal software platforms, and content aggregation from external informational sites. Leveraging our experience, we were able to create a seamless environment that inter-connected with these systems solving complex logistic issues. This was done without creating extra steps for the visitor in utilizing downloads for software, white papers, streaming media, and online demos.

Online Demos

By utilizing Drupal and separating functions between standard modules, custom modules, and content types we were able to create a long term sustainable website for the Shunra marketing team. Custom content types allowed for the power of Drupal's social/web engagement platform to be fully utilized while ensuring professional structure in sections weren't compromised from a readability perspective. Utilizing the best practices of Drupal, Shunra now had the ability to continue growing its robust information catalog with confidence in its easy presentation through the flexible content platform (CMS).

Scalability and Performance

Shunra, as an application performance engineering (APE) company, had a mission to ensure that the new website would be able to perform under rigorous conditions. Unleashed Technologies leveraged its experience in building high transactional Drupal websites to deploy key software techniques for increased performance under all conditions. The result is a visually stunning website that will last Shunra Software Ltd for years to come and continue to grow with their changing web needs.

Shunra has deployed:

  • A premium commercial website that's visually engaging
  • A unified platform for consistent messaging
  • Centralized control for enterprise resources
  • Scalable and flexible web platform
  • Successful delivery of varying web content types
  • Best practices and professional standards deployed
  • Increased exposure to search engines through technical excellence

These key enhancements to the Drupal platform drastically reduced the need for additional hardware resources; saving Shunra money and keeping in line with its core values of application performance for WAN, mobile, cloud, and web.

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Unleashed Technologies, LLC.
Unleashed Technologies is a full service web development firm. Our creative, technical, and consultative experts build interactive technology that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations and goals. Through our web design analysis process, expert website and web application development, and performance hosting, we take care of your online needs. With Unleashed Technologies, you don’t have to search for different vendors for different parts of a web presence—we've got it all.

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Erica Lucas

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Great description of the project with consideration for cross platform viewership. Also, it loads incredibly fast and is very optimized in accordance with the organizations products/mission.