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Why does this website deserve to win?: brings a rich and unique visual experience backed by the power of Drupal.  The goal of this project was to show Drupal can bring form and function together to create beautiful looking websites.

Website Launch Date: 
Sunday, January 8, 2012
How It Was Done (optional): is built from a custom Zen sub-theme and utilizes custom views and content-type templates to allow for ultimate customization of the site's layout. The slideshow on the home page was built with the views slideshow module, while the custom animations for each slide where built using the api provided by the jquery cycle sub-module. The Portfolio and Services section serves up new content via ajax to provide a seamless user experience.
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Development Company: 
LANDING is an Orange County based web development agency specializing in delivering vibrant websites and powerful web applications built with Drupal.

Drupal Community Comments

This is one of the coolest Drupal sites ever! Nicely done!